Workplace for Good

We’re proud to offer Workplace Core for free to eligible non-profit charitable organizations so they can keep their people and communities connected.

Stay connected, wherever you are

Workplace is a communication tool that connects everyone in your organization, from staff and donors to remote volunteers. Share updates and best practices, coordinate fundraising, and work together on campaigns using familiar, mobile-first features like Chat, Groups and video calls.

Achieve your goals with Workplace

Keep everybody in the loop

When it comes to solving the world’s biggest challenges, passion is everything. Features like Live Video help you motivate employees by bringing them together through virtual events. You can also make static content like Impact Reports easily discoverable through the Workplace Knowledge Library. And with our Insights tool, you get simple data to spot your most impactful messages.

Connect with your wider community

Workplace uses Multi-Company Groups and Chat to help organizations tap into the energy of their volunteers. And with Workplace Rooms you can jump on a video call with up to 50 people, even if they don’t have a Workplace account.

Unite frontline and HQ

Workplace is built with mobile in mind, and you don’t need an email address to get access. It’s also easy for anybody to pick up and use without complicated tech support. That makes it the perfect platform to bring HQ and frontline employees together to share insights, tips, news and announcements.

Everything you need to know about Workplace for Good

Who is eligible for Workplace for Good?

We welcome applications from non-governmental organizations that hold valid non-profit status as verified by TechSoup or one of its local partners, subject to the exclusions outlined below.

Who is not eligible for Workplace for Good?

The following organizations do not qualify regardless of non-profit status:

  • Organizations involved with health insurance or group health plans
  • Schools, universities, and other academic institutions, including school districts and athletic associations, and educational services organizations
  • Governmental entities, agencies, or organizations
  • Legislative and political activity organizations (including advocacy)
  • Churches and other religious organizations
  • Professional athletic leagues
  • Credit unions and other mutual organizations
What if my organization is not approved for Workplace for Good?

If your application isn’t approved, you’re welcome to apply in the future if the status of your organization changes. In the meantime, you can use Workplace Core at our standard rates.

Who can I create accounts for?

Organizations that qualify for Workplace for Good may only create user accounts for their direct employees, contractors and volunteers. If a qualifying organization creates user accounts for anyone else, Facebook reserves the right to charge the organization the standard rates for such user accounts.

Protecting your data and respecting your privacy

Workplace and Facebook accounts are separate. That means you don’t use (or even need) a Facebook profile to join Workplace. We don’t use your Workplace data to target ads on Facebook, and you won’t see ads in Workplace. Workplace undergoes stringent security verification audits every year and has achieved certification against ISO27001, ISO27018, SOC2, and SOC3 global standards. We are also GDPR compliant.

Apply to join Workplace for Good today

We’re proud to offer Workplace Core for free to eligible non-profit charitable organizations so they can keep their people and communities connected.

Facebook determines an organization's qualification for Workplace for Good in its sole discretion and reserves the right to grant or deny an organization's application or participation at any time, for any reason. Facebook may supplement or amend the eligibility guidelines for Workplace for Good at any time without notice. If, as a result of a change in Facebook’s policies or a change in an organization’s status, an organization no longer qualifies for Workplace for Good, then Facebook will provide such organization with at least three months prior notice. After such notice, the standard rates shall apply to such organization’s access and use of Workplace.