System Admin Guide: Setup and Security

Learn how to set up your Workplace for long-term success and security

This guide offers a quick overview of the steps needed to set up your Workplace. For a comprehensive step-by-step guide, visit the Workplace Set Up Guide. If you're a new admin to a Workplace that's already been set up, jump ahead to the next page using the table of contents.
Verify your corporate domain
Verify your corporate email domain
Verifying your Workplace domain makes your Workplace account “official” for your entire organization and prevents other people with the same email domain from creating other, separate Workplaces. Domain verification also allows you to:
  • Enable Single Sign-On
  • Edit personally identifiable information
  • Send users notifications prior to their profiles being activated
If you choose not to verify your domain, you also have the option to allow list it. Allow listing your domain allows other people with the same email domain to create separate Workplace accounts. If you choose to allow list your domain you can still verify it at any time.
Learn how to verify or allow list in the Workplace Technical Resources.
Enable user access to Workplace
Enable user access to Workplace
Provision users
Provision users
Admins can add or remove users from Workplace using the following methods:
Provisioning allows sytem administrators to create profiles for their users in advance before inviting them to Workplace. Workplace administrators and the launch project team can then prepare the community by creating groups and adding members to them. Once everything is ready, admins can invite people to activate their individual profiles. By preparing the community admins can ensure that everyone is set up with relevant groups and content to explore when they log in to Workplace for the first time.
Invite people to Workplace
Invite people to Workplace
Once a Workplace profile has been provisioned for a member of your community, members will need to be invited to activate their profiles. Once invitations are sent and members activate their profiles, they can then start using Workplace. Until members are invited to use Workplace, they will be unaware they have a provisioned profile. When a profile is in an uninvited state:
  • The member cannot activate their profile and any attempts to do so will fail
  • The member will not receive any emails or other notifications from Workplace
When you are ready for your members to be made aware that they have a profile to activate, you will invite them to Workplace. Once they are invited, members will receive an email inviting them to activate their profile through a uniquely generated URL. For SSO-enabled accounts, members will also have the option of claiming through logging into Workplace through your configured SSO service.
Employees that don't have company email addresses can be invited to Workplace using access codes. Learn more about email-less account management here.
Visit the Technical Resources for more information on the account lifecycle.
Set your authentication method
Set your authentication method
Your autehntication method determines how your users will log in to Workplace. You can choose from the following options:
  1. Ask users to set a secure and unique password.
  2. Require users to authenticate via Single Sign-on (SSO)*.
*Keep in mind that only verified domains can enable Single Sign-On.
Connect integrations
Connect integrations
One of the core functions of a system administrator is to set up and manage integrations with other systems. We know your organization might already have tools you use every day to get work done. Integrating these tools with Workplace is easy. Browse the Integrations Directory to find the tools you'd like to connect. Once you download a tool it will be accessible to all members of your organization.
Learn more about available integrations by watching the video below.