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Sansan Inc is leading the way in cloud-based contact management in Japan with Sansan, its corporate cloud business management service and Eight, a personal business card application. As the company was fast-growing, it needed a communication platform that encouraged its employees to build rapport and engage with each other, no matter where they are located.

Inconveniences in their current communication and collaboration tools caused employee productivity and engagement to slow down.

The familiar interface of Workplace allowed for easier adoption of the platform throughout the organization. In addition, the platform’s ability to scale with the growing business and mobile optimization capabilities made Workplace the best choice for Sansan. The result: almost zero use of email for internal communication.


Reduction of email to almost0

750active users on Workplace

How Workplace helped

Improving service delivery, thanks to the smooth integration of tools

By allowing Sansan to connect to existing tools, their developers can leverage on synced information to build smart bots that automatically interact with employees in groups and chats.

For example, ‘Backlog’ is a bot Sansan built on Workplace ⁠— with mechanics similar to an IT help desk. The bot gathers information from employee enquiries, categorizes tasks and solves problems in the background. In managing ‘Backlog’ from task registration to completion all on Workplace, Sansan employees are freed up for more important matters.

Driving faster decision-making for better customer satisfaction

With fast-growing teams come complex processes. But with Workplace Groups, each project can now be divided into groups, tasks can be assigned, and information can be shared ⁠— accelerating decision-making, shortening customer response time and improving customer satisfaction. For example, Sansan employees use Workplace Groups to form requests and grant approvals on topics like customer discounts.

Fostering a sense of unity by removing formalities

Commonly, in Japanese-owned or Japanese-run businesses, verbal formalities are observed when employees communicate with senior management. Instead, moving work conversations from emails and meetings to Workplace has helped Sansan defuse any sense of intimidating formality.

Sharing a common communication platform with the entire organization allows employees hold two-way conversations, and receive effective praise and advice. In enabling seamless top-down and bottom-up communication, Workplace has successfully broken down traditional communication barriers. Regardless of role, employees partake in uploading video content ranging from personal interests to live streams — reducing the need for physical meetings.

“The strong Application Programming Interface (API) of Workplace allows for secure and simplified sharing of data with other services. This has helped us greatly and showed us the infinite possibilities for future developments”

Yoshiaki Shiratori

Yoshiaki Shiratori

Corporate Systems Department Engineering Group,

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